Actually my first. My art collection have thus far consisted of a Kurosawa print, an Italian western movie poster (Fistfull of Dollars More), a Pink Floyd poster (The Division Bell) and a small 3-piece painting done by a very, very good friend of mine.

The 3-piece

I think this is half of a 2 piece. So it's half.

I started talking about this last year. I had a wall in my apartment that was empty and it needed something . I wanted something that no one else had. So it had to be some sort of art… which I didn’t know much about and still don’t. It became a subject of discussion whenever I met “artsy” people, but the thing with talk is that that’s all it is. No actions come of it. At least not when you’re drinking beer while taking. It’s called beertalk.

Anyway, I like things with color in them, and movies and comicbooks. I’m not an excessive comicbook fan or anything; I read The Phantom and Spawn for a couple of years and I occasionally  find some cool independant sci-fi stuff in magazines like “Heavy Metal” and such. But when it comes to comics the drawings and the colors are the most important thing. If I dont like the drawings I might as well read the book (as in the case with “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep“, I love the covers and the colors, but the comic itself is just to simple).

Cropped version of the one I actually bought.

So my very good friend has this friend, who I’ve met a couple of times, but never really talked to except for in short sentences like “Hi.” and “Goodbye.” and she is really good at drawing with a ball-point pen. The first time I saw her drawings I imediately wanted to hire her as a storyboard artist, but offcourse it’s hard to hire anyone at all when all you can utter is “Hi” and “Goodbye”. Her style reminds me very much of comics, but there is no action. Just thoughts and images, things she sees at the time put down on paper, intertwined in a dreamy way. Nothing is finished, everything is started. It’s the mind put on paper and I like it!

Anyway, time goes by and this friend decides she wants to paint. And so she does. 20 or so paintings that become an exhibition, and that is where I got to buy my first painting. Her name is Taylor White and the exhibition is called “Shortly Before the End”. So if in Oslo, Norway drop by Galleri Pastillen and have a look. The exhibition closes 9th of July 2010, so hurry, hurry.