I wish I was from the future. Seriously. I wish I came from a film noir L.A, set in 2019, the future of “Bladerunner”. A retro-future with flying cars, pay phones and trench coats (or dusters). A future where relentless Kurosawa rain never stops pouring.

I am Magnus and I was born in 1981. “I”, or my “self”, could have come to existence at any other point in space and time, but chance made it so 1981 became the year. Imagine if I was 10 000 years earlier or later! Or perhaps 300 000 years later! That would have been awesome. But being born in 1981 means that I got here just in time to live through some sort of technological gadget revolution and I may live to see man land on Mars. I guess the “revolution” was ongoing when I arrived and still continues till this day. It will perhaps never stop. I guess man will never stop, always looking further, traveling faster, longer, higher and deeper. Making things smaller and bigger, better and more advanced. Advanced on our own terms. Maybe we one day will harness the power of the sun, travel the universe and create life wherever we go. Who knows? If not, we’re fucked. We are not going to survive on this rock forever and ever. Sooner or later something big is going to hit us.

There may still be enough time.

Just you wait and see.

I work as a director and producer at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. I make promos and ads. I sometimes read, sometimes I walk and camp in the woods or at the mountain. At the age of 28 I started skateboarding (it’s very funny), I’ve done snowboarding since 1994 and I surf once a year. I like science fiction, westerns and Kurosawa. I used to play the piano, but I don’t enjoy my electric one as much. I’ve been using macs since 1987 and thus I fall in the category apple-fanboy.

I don’t know exactly what this blog is going to be about. Probably about everything that interests me or grab my attention for more than a second. I often lay awake at night thinking about stuff or sometimes I walk around in my apartment talking out loud when no one is there to listen. It seems such a waste not to write it down somewhere. If there is any substance in only 10% of my ramblings it will still be enough to keep this blog going. I just have to filter it..